One of the key elements of the BCFAB is to help students get that extra “kick” in instruction to help the student progress.  One way we do that, beyond bringing in Guest Artists and such, is to help parents and students pay for lessons and specialty “camps”.  We love hearing the stories of students who make progress with a little help from BCFAB.  There are two main categories of BCFAB assistance:  Loot for Lessons (Lesson reimbursement); and scholarships for “camps” (such as Blue Lake, Interlochen, St Cecilia and Grand Rapids Symphony).  School sponsored camps and tours and such are not eligible (summer band camp, etc.).  We are a volunteer organization with limited funds so we reserve the ability to change programs if needed.  Students need to be enrolled in a Byron Center School District fine arts program to be eligible.  If you have any questions, please use the contact tab to ask for more information.

Please make sure to use the most current forms which can be found on this page.

Loot for Lessons

We reimburse students and parents for lessons taken by students from qualified instructors. There is a two step process for reimbursement:  1.  Send in the application (Gives us the basic information of Student/Parent; instructor and such).  2. Send in the request form (Has dates of lessons and instructor signatures).  Applications only need to be sent in once per school year, unless information or instructors change.  You just need to send in a new form if anything changes.  There is no deadline to send us the application form, but it does need to be in before or with the initial request for reimbursement.

BCFABPrivateLessonApplication 2018/2019

BCFABPrivateLessonMonthlyRequest 2018/2019

Cash for Camp

We reimburse students and parents for camps and certain tours.  Examples of camps, as mentioned above, are camps at Blue Lake and Interlochen.  Reimbursement is at 25%, with a maximum of $300.  Again, school sponsored activities are not reimbursable.  Please let us know if you have a question about eligibility.  St. Cecilia and GR Symphony are reimbursed at 30%.

BCFABCampApplication 2018/2019

Link for Reimbursement for St. Cecilia and GR Symphony:  BCFAB-St.-Cecilia-Reimbursement 2018/2019

Preferred method to submit is email (scanned form, etc) to :  or send to:  BCFAB,  PO Box 57, Byron Center, MI 49315

Solo and Ensemble Accompanist

BCFAB will now help cover the accompanist fee by reimbursing payment made to an accompanist. The accompanist must be from the Byron Center Music Department’s accompanist list. Ask your instructor for the approved accompanist list. If a student wishes to work with an accompanist that is not on the approved list the student must get approval from the music department. BCFAB will reimburse up to a total of $50.00. In order to qualify for this reimbursement, each accompanist needs to have a minimum of two 25 minute rehearsals and then be the accompanist at the festival.

Solo Ensemble Accompanist Reimbursement Form